SYMC Open Evening, from 6.30pm Tuesday 20th July 2021 at Harmer Hill Village Hall, SY4 3EE

 17/07/2021  by Ian

With Covid restrictionns being lifted the day before, our popular Open Evening is definately taking place! The usual format of member's cars/bikes & visitors cars on display with Club concours competition, car you would most like to take home competition open to all, bar and hot food.

SYMC wakes up after Covid lockdown

 13/05/2021  by Ian

After 14 months during which the only club event was the well attended trial in November, we are starting up with our full programme of meetings & events for the remainder of 2021. First up if our picnic noggin on Tuesday 18th May at 12.30 pm at HHVH car park, followed by our annual driving tests on Sunday 6th June at 2.00pm at our usual airfield venue. I look forward to meeting everyone again after such a difficult year.


 16/04/2020  by Ian

All SYMC events are cancelled for the time being due to Covid-19 and Government advice.

March Noggin 2020

 16/03/2020  by Ian

March's Noggin is cancelled due to the current health issue.

VSCC President Elect is former SYMC Member

 05/12/2019  by Ian

The Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) President Elect is Paul Tunnicliffe and it appears that his roots were established in SYMC in distant times. I quote from his introductory statement to VSCC members: "As with so many of you, my father introduced me to old cars. He ran his company’s motor club and The Salop Yesteryear Motor Club. In those pre-MSUK times, he was able to organise treasure hunts, driving tests, navigation rallies and the like, and I used to accompany him of course. The die was cast." So we now have national recognition at last!

SYMC Run to Bala Lake Railway-10th July 2019

 28/07/2019  by Ian Webb

The 2nd of this year’s mid-week trips saw some 26 Club members in 15 cars assembling at Dinkies Diner on the Welshpool road at Ford, for coffees etc. The weather was clearly going to be kind to us with a dry bright and warm day forecast and those who were able, had their roofs down. A pleasant B road route took us to Lake Vrynwy and after driving to the top of the lake we took a single track yellow road over the Bwlch y Groes pass, with its spectacular views of the Welsh Mountains in every direction, before dropping down to our destination village of Llanuwchllyn which is at the south end of the lake. Our lunch stop was at Yr Eagles pub in the village who provided us all with excellent food and drink in a very efficient way-definitely recommended if you are in the area. After a short drive to the station in the village we boarded our train all of which are hauled by 120 year old narrow gauge north wales quarry steam locomotives which have been beautifully restored. After our 1 hour return trip alongside Bala Lake we were treated to a guided tour around the locomotive shed/engineering workshop and also the railway’s very interesting museum. The trip home took us back on a different B road route over the mountain, through Llangynog and Llynclys, all in all about a 60 mile trip. The common consensus was that we good day out, so hopefully the organiser will put on a similar “Run to a Railway” next year, but the scenery may be difficult to repeat! See the photo page!

SYMC Driving Tests –Sunday 9th June

 28/07/2019  by Dave Rushton

Driving Tests in early June, you would think would be a question of how much sun cream to put on and remembering your hat and sunglasses. This was a June day with a difference. Ian and I arrived nice and early at the site to find an encampment of caravans where we would usually mark out the tests. No bother, we followed the instructions to cross the path and mark out the tests opposite the cows. This was dully done and the relishing prospect of a long straight surface looked like the perfect location. Sadly, with the first test all set out we were politely informed that in an hour or so the cows would be coming this way and we would be better off round the corner. No bother and we set up in our new location. At this point the weather was fine and there was a mysterious yellow object in the sky. We could even see over towards the Welsh Hills however, even at this early stage it was clear that trouble was on the horizon… In true SYMC style, competitors slowly arrived with a leisurely approach to the 2.00pm start time. Some members needed their arms twisting to join in the fun, notably Jon Butler needed to be persuaded that his modern Audi A4 convertible in Silver had competition in its DNA and was just a modern-day Auto Union. This seemed to do the trick and the Audi would now be referred to as an Auto Union for the day. Once the rope across the runway had been successfully negotiated by most, the first test was ready. Test 1: A simple ‘S’ shape test. All of the drivers successfully managed this test with no wrong turns. Loft started things off in a very sprightly style and was only pipped to the fastest time by Ian in the MG A. Not to be outdone by the classic and pre-war cars, Jon showed the power of the Auto Union with full crackling exhausts. Test 2: The next test was called ‘Y’. Competitors were required to drive forwards and stop astride two cones. They then had a decision to make. Should they reverse back around the cone to the next cones or should they drive forwards in a longer loop. Mervyn showed everyone a clean pair of heels in this test using the short wheelbase and tight tuning circle of the Hyundai to really suit this test. There was then rather an extended delay for a while a monumental hailstorm passed overhead. Thankfully this did pass over and when the hills came back into view it was time to once again start the tests. Test 3: This was a fast-paced test involving a loop the loop of the handily placed gravel mountain. Ian in the MG A impressed placing the car sideways at times. Fastest time on this test went to me in the Honda, but the real starts of the show in this test were Harry and Mike Painter showing the remarkable wheel angle of the Citroen. It was remarked that maybe they could transfer the steering to their racing MGs to mimic that of the R type MGs of the 30s. Test 4: This test offered a real change of pace. Competitors need to place their cars as closely to a cone on the gravel as possible. The original intention was for the cars to drive forwards or reverse up to the cone. However, the ever-crafty drivers soon spotted a loophole and used many different strategies. Nigel showed incredible precision in the Austin 7 to be impossibly close and the wing of the Austin seemed to be the perfect height at just 2.5cm from the top of the cone. Sue showed Tony the way in the Nissan with a very creditable 9cm. Test 5: Once again this test mixed the fun and fast element. Competitors were required to collect the water bottle from the cone, drive around the gravel roundabout and then place the water bottle back onto the same cone. The times were again very tight with the leading pack. Although not all the competitors managed to grasp the bottle first time. Ian led the way in the MG A with an advantage with no roof restrictions. Jon Y however was one of the first to drop the bottle from his grasp in the Talbot. Test 6: This was an all-out speed test round the gravel and back again. The twist however was the braking ladder at the end with penalty points for crossing. This was inspired by Harry’s lack of stopping power displayed in the previous test. Fastest time went to Ian again in the MG very closely followed by me in the Honda. The advantages of ABS were clearly on display here as were the disadvantages of open alloys, disc brakes and chunks of gravel! Results were collected and calculated, and Ian was given the overall win as well as the bragging rights in the Webb household. Strangely, after all those tests Jon Butler and I were within half a second of each other. Loft picked up the honours in the Riley in the Pre-War class. He was followed closely by Nigel in the Austin 7. Harry then claimed third place and the bragging rights in the Painter household.

SYMC Trial, Sunday 4th November 2018

 15/01/2019  by Richard

The annual trial was held as usual at the Condover field belonging to farmer Roger Davies. We were fortunate to have reasonable weather, warmish with a gentle wind and dry, although apparently it rained in Much Wenlock and Nox. The entry was select, 3 Austin 7s, an MGA, a Citroen, Ian Webb’s Humber and Paul Silson sportingly in his not very suitable Mazda MX5. The misfire/cutting out bug was rampant, my Austin cut out on the way to the event but mysteriously restarted. Nigel Pocock’s MGA had just returned from Normandy, clearly the French petrol did not suit it as it started to misfire and then did not want to put its lights on. Jon Yeeles’ car had a variety of ailments, too much oil pressure, the clutch pedal catching on the transmission housing causing slip, and more blue smoke coming out of the engine breather than the exhaust pipe. The Painter boys Citroen went surprisingly well, but it just didn’t have any power to speak of. The grass was more slippery than expected and only your scribe managed a clean sheet, it proved problematic to set out a hill which would challenge the better cars yet let the rest at least get somewhere. Many thanks to Margaret Pocock, Mervyn Pritchard and Diana Houlgate for marshalling and Roger Davies for the use of his field. The trial was won by Richard Houlgate in his A7 by a reasonable margin. Nigel Coulter’s A7 Box Saloon was a good second followed by Nigel Pocock’s MGA in 3rd.

SYMC Driving Tests Sunday 8th July 2018

 15/01/2019  by Ian

A rather smaller turn out than usual despite it being a hot (perhaps too hot) sunny afternoon at our usual venue. Because road contractors were storing chippings on our usual area we were confined to a short length of the old perimeter track. Richard Houlgate ably organised the tests and Mervyn helped with the marshalling. Old cars were restricted to a double entered MGA and a double entered MG ‘M’ Type plus the organiser’s A7. The remainder of the entries were in moderns! The winner by some margin was David Rushton in the M type. It was also notable for the inaugural attendance at an SYMC event of David & Corrine’s beautiful daughter Sophie, complete with a steering wheel and car sound effects attachment to her buggy!

SYMC Annual Open Evening

 15/01/2019  by Ian

SYMC Open evening on Tuesday 17th July enjoyed a lovely summer’s evening and a record turnout of 83 vehicles. The bar was open and did good trade and the hot pork baps prepared by Nick were well received and sold out. Accompanying music was provided once again by Sax in the Stix. The “Car I would most like to take home” competition, voted for by the attendees, was won by Ian Sly’s very nice vintage A7 chummy. The Club’s own Concours competition was won by Nigel Pocock’s Vintage Wolseley (Pre-war class) and Nick Paterson’s MGB (Post-war class). The proceeds from the raffle, which were considerable, will be presented to our chosen charity in March 2019.

SYMC Open Evening, everyone is welcome.

 19/06/2018  by Ian

Open Evening at Harmer Hill Village Hall, on the A528 between Shrewsbury & Ellesmere on Tuesday 17th July 2018. Open to anyone with old cars or bikes. Live music, real ale bar and hot pork baps. Judge "The car you would most like to take home", prize for the winning car and also a grand raffle. Start at 6.30pm

SYMC Trial, November 2017

 30/11/2017  by Richard

I’m not sure when the first SYMC trial was held at Condover, but I do remember teaching the kids how to drive the Austin on the grass slopes, that must have been 12-15 years ago. The farmer who owns the land is a friend of member Tony Stevens. Tony organised things with him for many years, but has now stepped back and I’m in charge! Many thanks to Tony for arranging the venue over the time. On the day we were hoping for our usual good weather, but this was not to be and it must have put people off as we could only muster 6 cars including my own, two of these were double driven. So thanks to David Rushton for having driven from Nantwich, Corinne for bringing Jane and Jonathan Butler, the Pococks from Hinstock, the Webbs from Cockshutt, the Coulters from West Felton and the Painters from Clive. Two hills were set out and they were done twice, one straight up and the other with stop restart. The final hill was used as a timed sprint, although some failed to make the top. The battle was between David Rushton’s MG sporting a new engine and the surprisingly agile and quick Austin 7 RP saloon of Nigel Coulter which although it was suffering from battery failure managed to complete the climbs successfully. In the end David won, beating Nigel on the timed climb by a notional 1/100 of a second. Of course hand held timing is nowhere near as accurate as that, but that is what it said on my smart phone and it enabled us to get a result. Those of you put off by the weather missed a great afternoon’s motor sport, we look forward to seeing you at the event next year.

SYMC Treasure Hunt, October 2017

 30/11/2017  by Ian

This year’s treasure hunt was ably organised by Nigel and Nick and took the format of a 70 mile road run on lesser A roads and some interesting B roads with only a limited number of clues to find which were all pretty large and obvious so there was no need to be slowing down on what were reasonably main roads. 12 cars and 26 people set off from Dobbies Garden centre and made their way through Pontesbury and Church Stoke to Montgomery where a coffee stop had been thoughtfully arranged in the main square. There were so many of us that some of had to overspill from the arranged café into another one that was nearby, which was just as good. On leaving we dropped down to the Welshpool to Newtown road which we followed for a while before taking to the back roads to Llanfair Caereinion. On then to Meifod and Guilsfield before reaching our lunch destination at the Hand & Diamond at Coedway. After an excellent carvery the results were declared with Ian, Gill and Mervyn in the Humber 9/20 the winners with 14 of the possible 16 clues correct and Tony & Barbara in the Buick winning the Booby prize. Thanks to the organisers for a great event, I think people thought that the format is a successful one to be continued in future.

SYMC Annual Trial-Nov 2016

 11/01/2017  by Richard

This was held at Condover as usual by kind permission of the farmer. We were fortunate with the weather, the land is very free draining but some earlier rain had made the grass moist, the day itself was reasonably warm if overcast. Ian had the intelligent idea of making some more pegs so that we had two complete sets, thus enabling us to set up two hills beforehand, which meant that in the event we were able to run 5 hills and a speed test, one more I think than usual. There were 9 competing cars and 13 drivers. The trial proved more than usually difficult for the modern cars as the grass was very slippery. No one had a clear round, one hill proved to be a stopper on the start restart until the writer (who was not competing) used his Austin 7 to prove how it should be done. Many congratulations to all who scored points, please don’t take my comments too seriously. The highest scorer was Loft, but in retrospect should he have been penalised for failing the speed test? I’ll leave it to you to judge! Second equal in terms of points scored were Ian and Harry , but Harry was quicker on the timed test so I guess he was second and Ian 3rd. Now we run into difficulties. I have to apologise to Jon for missing him out of the reckoning on the day. But as he had the temerity to beat the owner of the MG David both on the hills AND the timed test maybe that’s his just deserts. Worse was to follow for young David as Corrine beat him too. New members the Bradshaw family put up an excellent show despite being short of wheel nuts. Nigel’s MGA was smoking heavily as it was running on a petrol/diesel mix (I wonder why?) so maybe that handicapped his progress. Sue cleared the first hill in the family Ford, good to see her and Tony. New member Tony’s tuned MG Midget sounded very crisp, and thanks to Paul for his usual patience and good humour at the rear of the field. Most importantly very many thanks for Margaret for her usual hard work getting people organised and running the start line and to Mervyn for marshalling and running the stop restarts with his very smart red flag. And thanks to Tony for organising the use of the hill with the landowner. Richard 14th November 2016

December Noggin

 14/11/2016  by Ian

Please note that we recently brought forward this event by one week to Tuesday 13th December

SYMC Open Evening

 16/04/2016  by Ian

Change of Date: Please note that our Annual Open Evening at Harmer Hill Village Hall will take place on Tuesday 19th July this year instead of its usual slot in June. All the usual attraction including bar, BBQ, music by Sax in the Styx, Car you would like to take home competition and a Grand Raffle.

SYMC Annual Trial at Condover, November 2015

 01/01/2016  by Ian Webb

11 entrants braved foggy weather on the first Sunday in November to a new field at Condover, adjacent to our usual site, the latter being used for car parking for a motocross meeting on the track. Fortunately the sun came out by the 2pm start time, but unfortunately the test hills involved driving straight into it! Whilst the hills were not as steep as usual, the grass and stubble surface was soft and slippery and so, along with the blinding sun, made for an interesting afternoon’s sport. After 4 hills and a timed tie breaker, the results were announced: 1st Andy King (new member) MGTA, 2nd David Rushton MGTA, 3rd Nigel Pocock MGA. Thanks are due to organiser Richard Houlgate and marshals Margaret Pocock & Mervyn Pritchard (new member) without whom we wouldn’t have all had such a good time!

Drive it Day, 26th April 2015

 01/07/2015  by Ian Webb

This year SYMC combined with Shropshire MGs for a special day in memory of Richard Shuker who died last December and who was a member of both clubs and a previous chairman of SYMC. In total 44 cars gathered on the Sunday morning for coffee at Salop Leisure’s Emstry site to take part in either a longish run of around 80 miles or a shorter treasure hunt of around 35 miles. The long run took the back roads to Llanfair Caereinon to the visit the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway and take refreshments in their station café, before heading back to the Fox & Hounds at Shawbury for lunch. The treasure hunt followed a shorter route to the west of Shrewsbury to the same lunchtime venue. The weather was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy the run, but 1 MGB broke down and had to be recovered home! The entry fees collected amounted to £250 and this was donated to Severn Hospice, Richard’s favourite charity and SYMC’s currently adopted charity.

Autumn Trial 2014

 05/11/2014  by Richard Houlgate

The challenge in using the same hill as last year was to run a trial that would challenge all the entrants, but give the less powerful cars a chance to climb at least some of the sections. The grass hill at Condover faces into the westerly wind, the soil is sandy and so dries quickly. I went along a few days before and decided to hold the trial at the far and of the field as the slope is slightly steeper and longer and there are some ridges which could be used for a stop restart. On the day we had 12 entries, down from the 21 entries of the previous year. The first hill was more or less straight, most cleared it apart from (surprisingly) Nigel in his MGA who tried the hill just after a sharp shower and could get no traction at all. Roger’s original Mini and Yoland’s Tempest struggled too. The second hill was a re run of the first, but with a stop restart just before a small hump. Curiously no competitors came to walk the hill and in the event only Mike and Harry cleared it with one surprise, Nigel keeping us on our toes by clearing too. The third and fourth hills had a downhill section and a sharp uphill bend, no one succeeded on the hill 4 restart Hill 5 was a tight slalom, again if some of the competitors had walked the course they wouldn’t have taken the wrong route! The last section was a timed blast up the slope, fastest was Jon in his Alvis 12/50, but he was later disqualified (!!) for using a rolling start, David R in the Mg M Type was 1.5 seconds quicker than next man Harry. The results showed that Harry beat his Dad by 1 point to win the trial, this to add to his win in a handicap race at VSCC Snetterton (at 16 one of the youngest people to win a VSCC race). David was third. Very many thanks to Margaret for running the start line and keeping score, and to Tony for arranging the use of the field.

Annual Treasure Hunt-October 2014

 05/11/2014  by Ian Webb

Jonathan & Jane’s choice of start at the TR Register’s Breakfast meet at Dearnford Lakes was inspirational. Loads of interesting cars to view and people to meet along with coffee and food for those prepared to queue in the café. There was also a car boot sale taking place. 10 SYMC cars attended the start for what was a leisurely scatter type rally. 3 villages and Brown Moss had to be visited in any order and where cars were parked up and clues sought on foot. This made a nice change, no constant glancing in the rear view mirror to see if you were holding someone up and instead a quiet stroll around the village taking in the character of the place and stopping to talk to fellow competitors, whilst not forgetting to find the answers to the clues. Everyone finished by around 1pm at the Castle at Bletchley where we were joined by Brian & Carol in their Austin 10. The pub is very popular at lunch times but they managed to get 24 of us sat down to an excellent meal on just 2 tables. Thanks were given to Jonathan & Jane for their superb organisation and the results were read out. The winners by a small margin were Barry & Elaine Hawkins.

Open Evening at Harmer Hill Village Hall

 06/07/2014  by Ian

This years event held on the the 17th June was our biggest ever with 71 Cars and 3 motorcycles. This year we had a brilliant saxophone quartet to provide a jazz themed backdrop to our evenings event. The outside bar and BBQ were both popular as ever. The "car that you would most like to take home" this year was a pre-war Jaguar SS saloon and very nice it was too. There were 20 cars and 2 motorcycles belonging to Club Members in total and the club's concours award went to the Riley Adelphi of David Poore (pre-war class) and the Austin Healey 100/4 (post-war class) of Ed Lloyd. congratulations to all the winners. Proceed of the raffle are to be donated to Severn Hospice.

Spring Driving Tests 2014

 19/05/2014  by Ian

This year's driving tests were held last Sunday 18th May on Hall's car park at the Shrewsbury Livestock market. The surface was an excellent non damaging concrete area. The sun shone brilliantly and it was really warm. Only 6 cars entered which was shame, with another member and car coming just to spectate. We were invited to attempt 6 tests which included the usual things such as charging around cones as well as getting balls in buckets, seeing how slowly your car stopped and driving in circles attached by a piece of rope to a centre point. The winner was Jon Yeeles (Austin 7) by a small margin over Richard Houlgate (Austin). Most noteable performance was by new member Chris Stringer who was placed 3rd in his truly beautiful 1937 Rover 10

Presentation of a cheque to Severn Hospice, 9th December 2013

 22/01/2014  by Ian

2013 was the 50th anniversary of the founding of SYMC, a Shropshire based motor club catering for all marques of cars and motorcycles over 20 years old. To celebrate this anniversary we organised 2 extra events, a day long Landmarks & Beauty Spots of Shropshire run and a celebratory dinner attended by around 90 members & families. We also incorporated a display of photos and memorabilia in our annual “Open Evening” at Harmer Hill which attracted 61 cars and 4 motorcycles. From these events, through entry fees, raffles and an auction of table decorations which were created by members Chris & Margaret, we raised £400 which we had pleasure in donating to Seven Hospice. Club members turned at Shrewsbury’s Severn Hospice in various old cars to present the cheque to nursing staff on Monday the 9th December 2013, photographs of which are on the photos page.

Treasure Hunt-November 2013

 08/12/2013  by Ian

12 entrants assembled on Sunday morning at the Co-op at Bicton for this year’s annual treasure hunt which was organised by David & Sylvia Leake. Given the rather late month of the year it was good to see such a strong turnout, there being a good mixture of “old” and modern cars. Fortunately the weather was kind to us. David and Sylvia devised a very interesting 36 mile route through Little Ness, Walford, Burlton, Colemere Northwood, Whixall , Wem ending up at the The Raven at Tilley in time for lunch. We certainly travelled on quite a few lanes that we had never been down before, but unfortunately the tractors & trailers had got there before us and conditions on the roads were quite wet and muddy. The clues were mainly all findable and the scores at the end were on the whole very close. After a lovely lunch the results were announced with Jane Rushton and John Butler taking the 1st prize.

Report on the Autumn Trial 2013

 29/10/2013  by Ian

After a break of many years the Club held an Autumn Trial at Condover in October. The weather had been quite wet in the days beforehand and the Sunday morning did not look promising with quite heavy rain. However it cleared up around lunchtime and apart from a brief shower at the start, the clouds broke up to reveal some sunshine and the afternoon remained dry. The turnout was very impressive with 21 entrants in 15 cars. Organiser, Richard Houlgate laid out 4 different hills during the afternoon on a slippery grassy bank and one of these even had a “stop/restart” part way up. The wet grass and the slope proved difficult for some of the bigger cars but a number of the others managed to clear all the hills, necessitating an acceleration test hill to act as a tie-break. During the afternoon delicious soup was served as well as tea and a fabulous choice of home made cakes from a gazebo set up for the event. A big thank you to the members that so generously organised this and provided the goodies, the proceeds of which will be going to charity. Thanks to Richard and his helpers for organising the event and marshalling the hills and for Tony for organising the venue. Let us hope the generous landowner will allow us back next year. See some shots of the action on the Photos page.

50th Celebration-Open Evening

 19/07/2013  by Ian Webb

50th Birthday Celebration- Open Meeting at Harmer Hill on Tuesday 16th July Over 60 cars and 4 motorcycles and around 150 people turned up to the Club’s Open Evening this week to celebrate 50 years of the SYMC on what was a warm and glorious evening at Harmer Hill Village Hall. Club member’s vehicles were joined by those from other local clubs and other enthusiasts and ranged from the earliest, a 1909 Cadillac, through vintage and classics to more recent kit cars. The winner of the “Car you would like to take home” was a Jaguar XK140, the runner up being an E Type Jaguar. The event was attended by a number of former members who founded the club and saw it flourish in the 1960s and they were able to browse through the Club Scrap books and photo displays that were on show, to bring back the memories. Richard, Chris, Nigel & Margaret put on a BBQ which was a great success and the outside bar was so busy it ran out of beer and Richard had to go home and bring back a barrel of beer he just happened to have, fortunately!. A Grand Raffle was held which raised over a £100 for the Club’s chosen charity, Severn Hospice. With the other activities of the Club’s 50th celebrations, a 150 mile tour of Shropshire and a Presentation Dinner, we will have raised a total of nearly £400 for the charity.

50th Celebratory Dinner, 29th June 2013

 18/07/2013  by Richard Shuker

Three Men in A Bow Tie at Cockshutt on the 29th was a great evening. The turnout of members was very high with a couple of notable absences due to a family wedding in Peter Wooleys case and a Shingly Thing in Jane Skitts case!! Chris Shuker and Margaret Pocock had worked very hard in doing the flowers for the table centres, the table cloths deserve a story all to themselves and everyone who showed up at the lunch time to put the tables together and set up all deserve a vote of thanks. That’s Gill, Ian, Chris, Margaret, Betty, Barbara Moss who also did the place settings which Duncan organised, Jon Shanly for his Montage The tables looked wonderful when they were all laid up, shame to spoil them with people!, and Guests started arriving promptly at 5.00pm. It was wonderful to see Brian and Jan Hamlington again as they are now members again, that’s two agains but who’s counting? The “champagne” went very well and the canapés were excellent, plenty of them and very tasty. The main course of gammon ham and salmon was very good as were the sweets. After the food Ian presented Club Trophies for 2012. And then, The Turn, Three Men In A Bow Tie. Of course it’s one chap, a Rustic Farmer and Sally Tonge. As usual they were EXCELLENT and well worth the three shillings and sixpence fee! The laughter didn’t finish till about 10.15, a bit of clearing up and into the taxi for home. Very many thanks to Ian & Gill for going back to the hall on Sunday morning and finishing the clearing up while the rest of us were in bed and special thanks to Ian & Gill for all the work they put in organising this event. A really enjoyable evening and here’s to the next 50 years!

Landmarks & Beauty Spots of Shropshire Run Suday 23rd June 2013

 18/07/2013  by Richard Shuker

Duncan’s “Shropshire Landmarks & Beauty Spots” tour on Sunday 23rd June saw the start of these Celebrations. The event started from Salop Caravans at Emstrey Shrewsbury where most of us enjoyed a Hearty Breakfast whilst studying the route book. A total of 19 cars started the run which was a mixture of SYMC & Shropshire MGs entrants. We set of to Wroxeter and then thro’ Ironbridge to Broseley, Bridgnorth and on to Cleobury Mortimer. Your Scribe was driving his Morris Eight, one of only two pre-war motors out, the other being Tony & Barbara Moss in their 1937 Buick. That’s morris eight versus Straight Eight! The road to Cleobury is best tackled in a Subaru Impreza in my opinion and so proved “challenging”, but not nearly as much as Hopton Bank going up towards Clee Hill! We made it and coasted all the way down to the Ludlow Food Centre for lunch. Here we were joined by David & Sylvia Leake who were unable to take the morning part. We set of to Leintwardine, on to Knighton,Clun and Bishops Castle, is that the right order? Then came the left hand turn to Stiperstones!! Now this part is VERY steep in one section and Bernard, the Morris Eight failed at the most crucial point. Tony Moss who was following had a real test of his hand brake and hill start ability, this was after the mother in law and Chris had got out to enable the car to make the brow! Onwards! Through Minsterley to Westbury to Baschurch to Ellesmere, back through Wem with a detour to Moreton Castle and FINALLY, the finish at The Fox & Hounds at Shawbury. Here we had reserved parking and the cars made a fine display, the food as usual was good. It was a real days motoring, it really was 150 miles over at times quite challenging roads. Only one car became un-fortunate, Mike Watkins suffered a charging problem with his Austin A40 Devon but fortunately he was very close to his home in Myddle so popped in and swapped cars, as you do! Very many thanks to Duncan & Carol for all their hard work in putting this together, it was a great success and enjoyed by all who took part.

Summer Programme

 04/04/2013  by Ian

Our winter meetings have included a table top rally and a quiz and in April we have the last meeting at Harmer Hill Village Hall which is the AGM. Our summer programme is nearly arranged and will include our regular Noggin nights, but held at various pubs with food around the county, visit to a museum, treasure hunts, driving tests and our course our 50th anniversary celebrations, spread over 2 weekends, the first of which is a daylong driving tour of Shropshire and a week later our celebratory dinner which is free to members and their families. We will be returning to Harmer Hill of our annual Open Meeting in July, when all local clubs and individuals for that matter are invited to attend and participate in judging the "car you would most like to take home" as well as the Club's concours for member's cars. Later in the year, after a break of several years we will be having a non damaging trial near Condover. I look forward to greeting members and anyone who is interested in old cars at our events this year.

Christmas Noggin

 03/01/2013  by Ian

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas. The final Noggin of 2012 saw 42 people sit down to freshly made Shepherds Pie, followed by mince pies and cream and then tea/coffee in the beautifully cosy Harmer Hill Village Hall. The goodies were all lovingly prepared by Margaret and Chris while Russell ran the bar, which all made for a nice change from our previous Christmas meetings. To accompany the meal Richard had distributed a quiz of 20 questions to be answered in your own time. After the meal Russell held a session of Irish Bingo and Margaret then proceeded to recite some amusing rhymes and jokes and this was followed by a bumper raffle. Everyone said they had a great time and I would like to thank Margaret, Chris, Richard and Russell for their sterling work in making such a successful event.

Driving Tests

 11/11/2012  by Ian Webb

On what turned out to be a bright sunny Sunday afternoon in October, 13 members turned for The Autumn Driving Tests at Forton Airfield near Montford Bridge. Six tests had been devised by Ian Webb which tested driver's skills in and around road cones on part of the old runway. Some of these involved judgement of position such as parking in the smallest spot, balancing the front wheel on a see-saw plank without over tipping it and squashing the hedgehog and driving half way to a mark, then coasting without using brakes and stopping as near to it as possible. Other tests involved driving around courses of bollards, reversing into garages etc against the clock. Competitors arrived in an eclectic mix of cars from pre-war Austin 7s, Morris 8 and an Austin 18 saloon, through to slightly more modern MGAs, MG Midgets and MGF, a Wolsley 1500 and a modern Rover 214 and Subaru. The winner by a clear margin was one of younger members Harry Painter, who beat Dad, Mike into 2nd place in their shared Austin 7. The organiser was 3rd in his MGA -it wasn't a fix, honest! Everyone said they had a good time and pledged to come to the next one!